With graduation around the corner, a lot of classmates, including myself, are in a state of happiness (3 years of school are over!) and excitement (a lot of well-deserved vacations), combined with a small amount of fear (mostly due to student loans) and apprehension (what's next?).

However, it seems that most of us have a good idea of what we will be doing for at least a year, and there are thankfully a lot of great opportunities out there (whew!).

*Around 22 of my classmates are heading over to China for six weeks to study at the Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It's going to be such a great trip for them- I'm hoping to go next year!

*Three of my classmates are opening a free clinic in Nepal this fall under the Acupuncture Relief Project- check out their beautiful site! I've worked with all three of these acupuncturists, and truly believe they will make a big difference in the clinic.

I'm hoping to get a few people to send me weekly posts about their travels and what they are seeing over in Asia. If I can, I'll definitely be posting starting in September.