Moxa by SuperFantastic A research paper was recently published concerning the efficacy of acupuncture and moxibustion in the treatment of turning breech babies (meaning the baby's head is up instead of down near the birth canal). With the use of specific acupuncture points and careful moxibustion technique, the results of the review of trials were that Traditional Chinese Medicine is a safe and effective way to help turn breech babies.

By using a simple moxibustion method, a practitioner can help turn the baby in a painless and effective manner. I have spoken to many people who have used this method with great success, and once the baby turns, it stays that way. Check out this research article for the positive results of a moxibustion and breech presentation study.

However, there are many more ways (check out this list of 17) a women can turn her baby, though I think I'd prefer trying mosxibustion than some of these.....