Pregnancy Photo by J. Star The Chinese Medicine Times recently reviewed a study of acupuncture for symptoms of heartburn in pregnant women with positive results. The outcome of of treating 36 women - half with the standard treatment (medication and dietary advice), and half with acupuncture.  Those receiving acupuncture were treated once or twice a week with drastically reduced symptoms.

The reason heartburn occurs in pregnancy is due to the hormone changes, mainly pregesterone, a hormone produces by the placenta. Progesterone relaxes the smooth muscle of the uterus, but is also relaxes the sphinter that keeps stomach acid out of your esophagus. The growing baby also pushes stomach acid back up where it wasn't before. Even women who have never experienced heartburn may feel uncomfortable during pregnancy.

Besides treating heartburn, there is a long list of conditions acupuncture can treat during pregnancy (fatigue, morning sickness, and constipation to name a few). I recommend reading the article by Naomi Rabinowitz, Dipl.Ac., at to read her views on how to treat these symptoms. It's also important to find a pracitioner who is comfortable treating pregnant women, check out or

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