Photo by Persiflage Acupuncture is a great for skin conditions, and it's also a very healing way to help with pain from scar tissue formation. Post surgical scars can be painful for months or even years after surgery, and these scars tend to disrupt the natural flow of blood and energy in the body. Scarring from operations, even the tiny incisions from a laproscopic surgery can cause pain in the body, and need to be treated to heal properly.

Examples of scars that can cause pain are lower abdominal scars (from a C-section birth, appendectomy, or hernia), shoulder, hip, and knee surgery (including joint replacement), and even plastic surgery scars.

It's best to treat a scar that is at least one month old to prevent infection. The healing process will also depend on the area of the body the scar is on, and how painful it is to touch. Often we are able to easily treat the scar with just a few needles, but sometimes it will take a little longer. Often with scars that are several years old, it will take a little longer to see results. We often use moxibustion to help with these scars. By slowly and gently heating old scars with the healing heat of moxibustion, we can gently break up adhesion and help the heal the tissue around where the body was cut.

Discuss with your practitioner what you are comfortable with in terms of working on the scar. Besides the use of moxibustion or needles, they may even have you use a burn ointment to help with the healing process of new scars, such as Ching Wan Hung.

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