Photo by Fernando Gregory

Smoking is an addictive habit for 43.4 million adults in the United States. That's a lot of people, and even more that are affected by the habit just by spending time with smokers. Even with the constant ads to stop smoking, warnings on cigarette packs, and several state laws that ban smoking, the numbers aren't decreasing fast enough. The most difficult idea to comprehend is how much smoking affects not only the body of the smoker, but those they love. There are over 440, o00 deaths per per year that are related to smoking, not including the affects of secondhand smoke (check the CDC report for more information).

There is a protocol used when treating addiction that was developed several years ago, and has been proven to help with additions. This five-point auricular protocol is the Heart/Lung, Kidney, Sympathetic, Liver, and Shen Men (spirit) points. Together they rid the body of toxins, calm the mind, and help clear out the lungs, and help stop cravings. Often ear seeds are used at the points the needles were placed in to continue the effects.

A patient will be given handouts with ideas on how to quit the physical habit of smoking, and information on how to find a smoking cessation support group.  Our clinic also has herbal formulas such as EasePlus, which helps with digestion and elimination, a large part of removing toxins from the body. Getting rid of the pollution in the body gives you more time and energy to develop healthier habits and an improved lifestyle.

Watch the video below for a smoking cessation treatment.

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