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There is so much great information out there about fertility and natural health care that I just had to share a few! Check out these sites and the amazing people who run them:

The Yin Ova Center has developed a site that tells you how to "type" your fertility. Go to the "Making Babies Program" website and and fill in the tests (there are options for both men and women). It's an interesting way to get a basic diagnosis, and they give you some great tips for your type. Natural Fertility is holding a Fertility Smoothie Challenge! Whip up delicious smoothie recipes for 10 days and enjoy the benefits of a healthy boost in the morning. Hethir will post a new recipe daily to keep it interesting- check out the site for daily recipes.

RESOLVE just went to Washington to advocate for coverage of fertility treatments as well as more research for infertility. RESOLVE is a resource that helps individuals or couples cope with infertility. They plan support groups for infertility, and individuals are encouraged to call and speak to someone about your experience with infertility. They are a great support system for questions about fertility, the health care system, and answer your questions.

Go to Twitter! There are so many wonderful people (including those listed) who are on Twitter and sending out information several times a day on fertility. I've noticed that women who are receiving fertility treatments are very supportive of one another on Twitter, and are also connected with practitioners.

The more information and facts you can learn about your fertility, the more empowered you will feel. Do your own research, ask all of the questions you like. You have a right to know the answers!

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