Rockies pitcher Jason Hammel used acupuncture and herbs to heal his arm, and had great results!

After a forgettable finish last season, Rockies right-hander Jason Hammel turned to acupuncture and herbs. He did so at his wife's suggestion, openly searching for a way to combat a dead arm and lacking energy that he traced to cholesterol medication.

He sought treatment three times a week, and has felt much better all around. See the rest of the article at the Denver Post.

It's so nice to see that acupuncture is making the news as effective pain relief. I treat a lot of patients with pain conditions, and often get great results in just a few treatments. When we are treating pain, it's said that if you get acupuncture weekly, it will take about a month for each year you have had the pain (sooner if you get treatments more often). But if the pain is acute, it can relive symptoms much faster, and with less side effects that pain medications. It's nice to get relief without nausea, constipation, or dizziness that opioids can cause.

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