In the spirit of Traditional Chinese Medicine, fall is the time of the Lung, which means that our lungs and skin are more likely to have problems at this time of the year, such as eczema, psoriasis, and cough, colds and flu. Each season has a feeling associated with it, and the Lung organ is Grief. But instead of mourning the loss of summer and light with the arrival of fall, check in with the smells of this unique and beautiful season change. Chinese medicine encourages living with the seasons, eating the foods that are in abundance in certain months, and allowing your body to follow the natural rhythm of the year. You have hopefully energized yourself with plenty of sun these past few months, and now that the winds are returning, it's time to start dressing a warmer, eat nourishing foods, drinking plenty of fresh water, and get enough sleep.

Fall in TCM is also the time of dryness, which we can see all around us in the trees- the leaves are turning colors because they are drying out and falling off the tree. The lung is a delicate organ that many of us take for granted by smoking or inhaling toxic chemicals. Eating pears, soups, stews, and foods that will keep your lungs warm and moist are a good way to keep healthy. Yoga, stretching, and taking walks in the beautiful colors that autumn has to offer are also good ways to ease into fall.

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Have a wonderful fall!