"]Lots of talk about acupuncture in the US- check out the links below for some interesting articles! -A recent article in the New York Times discussed acupuncture in the US, and how expensive it can be, mostly due to the fact that it's not covered by insurance companies. While each clinic and each acupuncturist has a different price range, there are many options out there, including group acupuncture (which is NOT like a chair massage, as stated in the article. It's a whole-body treatment, but in a healing group environment instead of a private office). If you want to use insurance, and think you may coverage, talk to your insurance company. Better yet, have your acupuncturist do it for you! There are many plans that will cover acupuncture, but you have to ask the right questions :)

-Another controversial topic in the acupuncture world has been around medical practitioners who aren't acupuncturists, but are allowed to practice acupuncture after taking a 300 hour course. A friend of mine posted this article, and I found the study interesting- what do YOU think? Would you rather see an acupuncturist who has had 4 years of training, or someone who has had a few weeks of medical acupuncture training?