When you think of acupuncture needles, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Nails? Tacks? I understand that many people have an intense fear of needles, but the rumor I'd like to start spreading about acupuncture needles is one that I learned from David Eisen, LAc, MSW, OMD(am), the Executive Director at the Quest Center for Integrative Health in NE Portland. He told us that an acupuncture needle is roughly the size of three human hairs. That's it!

While some needles are longer for different parts of the body, the size of needles aren't anything like what they used to be! Different styles often use different needles, such as a Japanese style, which is more superficial needling. The needles are lighter, thinner and coated to make insertion easier. Not to say that Chinese needles aren't like that, but a lot of techniques requires a slightly thicker needle due to a different technique that's applied. I'll discuss different techniques and styles in a future blog, but for now here are a few pictures for your perusing enjoyment.

Artistic shot of the handle of needles (really, they're quite small!)

acupuncture needle~ Photo by: howaye

Flexible yet so efficient...

Acupuncture Needles Photo by: ExpertVillage.com

Needling LI-4

Acupuncture 04 Photo by: Girla Obscura

Single packaged needles

Photo by: ~crea

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