Sorry about the hiatus in posts! Had to study for then sit my final exams, then recuperate for a few days. outsideofclinic.jpg

While acupuncture is affordable to those who have health insurance or are able to pay out of pocket, there are many more who can’t afford $50-$95 per hour. Luckily for us, Portland has sprouted up several alternative treatment sites in the form of group acupuncture. Working Class Acupuncture, with its beautiful building, experienced practitioners, and easy location, offers a sliding pay scale to patients. Community acupuncture is spreading steadily across the country- check out nation-wide people who are starting clinics here. Having received treatments at both WCA and Brooklyn Community Acupuncture, I’d highly recommend checking out group acupuncture. It’s easy, affordable, and effective.

Instead of the standard one-person-per-room, the treatment is in a large space with several comfortable armchairs grouped together. Two or three practitioners treat all patients at the same time as you lounge and listen to soothing music (and possibly fall blissfully asleep like I did).

Group treatment is such a great option if you are lower on cash, and are comfortable having your treatment with a few other people. Most group treatment facilities also offer single rooms if you prefer or require a private treatment, which is also a great way to experience acupuncture for the first time.