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This time of year always seems to be prime for sinus and lung infections creeping up and knocking us off our feet. The cold weather has settled in, the excitement of the snow has passed, and the holiday season has come to a close. After traveling around more than usual and consuming rich holiday foods, our immune systems are feeling a bit low as well. This can lead to a serious problem if we aren't careful.

While antibiotics definitely have their place in getting rid of certain infections, Chinese Medicine can also be used to treat them without the side effects some antibiotics tend to have. Brian Carter wrote at, "Chinese Herbal Medicine can address the full spectrum of complaints and causes; we (acupuncturists) often treat the conditions which are not responding to conventional treatments like antibiotics."

Unfortunately, sometimes the wrong antibiotics are given, or there is an allergic reaction to them. By using Chinese Herbs and acupuncture, the use of antibiotics may be avoided altogether in some cases. However, preventative action is needed in order to stave off the respiratory infection in the first place.

Several herbal formula companies produce effective formulas for sinus and lung congestion, and due to the different stages of infections, it's a good idea to talk to your practitioner about which herbs are right for you before taking them. In the mean time, be sure to stay warm, drink plenty of water, and even use a nasal irrigation technique if necessary or recommended by your practitioner.