Lately, a lot of my friends have been asking about natural burn remedies and medicine that can help with  skin regeneration after scratches, so I thought I'd share one of the best I've tried.

I tend to accidentally burn myself a lot (I love to cook), and the herbal ointment Ching Wan Hung has always worked really well. Ching Wan Hung is a sesame-oil based ointment combined with several other healing herbs such as dang gui (angelica) and hong hua (safflower), but I should warn you that not everyone enjoys the scent!

Another 'secret' use for this is with acne or pimples, as this formula is meant to help regenerate the skin and speed the healing process. I have also used this with my dog when she developed a raw spot on her leg. It worked great!

Ching Wan Hung is very reasonable priced, and can be found at your practitioners office or at