Lots of dandelionsPhoto By Powi...(ponanwi)

Common dandelion, known in TCM herbal medicine as Pu Gong Ying, is a wonderful herb that deserves more appreciation in our society. It helps clear toxic heat from the body (red, painful eyes, cysts and benign masses), helps detoxify the liver, and promotes lactation in nursing mothers.

Use them in a salad- you can chop leaves and stems, flowers to decorate (wash them first, and find flowers that grow away from pesticides or sprays and from traffic). I found an interesting site that has several dandelion recipes, and Allrecipies.com also has some fun dandelion recipes.

Most of this information is available online at Herbasin and Natural Herbs guide, but hurry before they all go to seed

dandelion leaves dandelion leaves : Photo by jerrycat