The Yinova clinic blog posted an article about fertility and natural medicine which was featured in the  June 2011 Natural  Health Magazine. The article talks about how natural medicine, such as acupuncture, herbs, yoga, meditation, and other modalities help with fertility when other options might not.

The tips to make healthier choices for general health and to optimize fertility are great:

  • Get your protein from plants- Animal proteins requiere more insulin to process. Try beans, peas and nuts to mix it up.
  • Ban trans fats-avoid processed, packaged and fried foods. Stick to foods with the good fats- avocado, nuts and olive oil are great choices.
  • Drink more water-avoid soda and caffeine!
  • Beware of the sugar spike- avoid soda, white breads, and potatoes to reduce the overgrowth of yeasts in the body.

The article also suggests that patients take a general herbal tonic , but I feel that it's best to take specific herbal formula for individual needs. Chinese Medicine practitioners are trained to treat each patient as an individual, which means that each herb going into a formula is tailored specifically for that patient. There are several lines of Chinese herbs that come in a patent formula, and they are all according to body types.

Check out this article by Jill Blakeway, LAc to find out more on what your body type might be. After a Chinese Medicine diagnosis, practitioners can tell you which herbal formulas or diet changes might be the best for you.