The Portland Spice Road Market is a wonderful space in north Portland who offer high quality spices, medicinal herbs, and teas. They also have an incredible website filled with recipes, meal ideas, and online shopping for the amazing spices.

But the real reason for this post is to let you know that they are opening up a community acupuncture clinic inside the Spice Road Market as well!  The grand opening "The Oasis" is this Saturday, October 11th from 10AM until 7PM with Free Acupuncture Treatments All Day! The Oasis is located inside the Spice Road Market. I can't make it on Saturday, but I definitely plan on stopping by very soon to sample their fresh-spiced Chai.

For more information on the acupuncture, check out

For their great recipes, check out this page!

Spice Road Market

4936 NE 16th Ave

Portland, OR 97211

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