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Yin Qiao San is an old and effective formula for cold-like symptoms which I often recommend to my friends and family, many of whom are teachers or work closely with the public on a regular basis. When Airborne came out on the market, some TCM practitioners noticed it had a lot of the same herbs as Yin Qiao San, with added vitamin C and a few extra minerals (plus added sugar and coloring). I'm sure they both work well, but I'm definitely partial to Yin Qiao.

Whats in it? You can check out the list of ingredients here, but keep in mind that though it boasts a delicious-sounding list of honeysuckle, mint, and licorice root, the uncoated form doesn't taste so great. However, there are several of brands that offer a sugar-coated coated alternative if you have a hard time with the taste.

Where can I buy it? Uwajimaya, Fu Bonn, and Wing Mings (next to Fu Bonn on 82nd street) all carry it, but I've found that only Wing Mings carries it it the Plum Flower brand of convenient travel packets (24 doses for $12.99), which my family loves. They are great for travelling with as well, and have kept me from getting sick after airplane trips when combined with Gan Mao Ling.

Why would I need it? If you have a sore throat, cough, and possibly a stuff nose indicating that a cold is well on it's way to making your life miserable. This formula is amazing in chasing it out of your body by making you "sweat it out," somewhat, and it usually works pretty quickly. Follow the directions on the packet (there are a lot of different brands and companies who produce it- my personal favorite at the moment is Plum Flower), and prepare to feel better in the midst of this beautiful but cold fall in the great Northwest.

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