Image 1. What brought you to Portland?

The people, the climate and beauty of the West coast brought my family to Portland.

2. Why did you decide to become an acupuncturist?

Kindness and compassion made me a professional of Chinese medicine. Its great treasure and real practice keep me moving forward.

3. Tell me about your practice.

Our office is the Healing Sage Acupuncture clinic in Camas, Washington. I have a wide range of types of patients in my clinic, but my specialty is Geriatrics. I also focus on emotion management, pain management and GI disorders.

4. Where does your passion for the medicine come from?

The patients' need for help with disease and illness, and the appreciation of my patients are the sources of my passion for TCM.

5. Do you have any advice for patients? To truly trust in themselves. It is within their own being where they will have the strongest power to cure their diseases and keep themselves healthy. The role of the medical professional is to assist the patient in healing.

6. What is your favorite Portland restaurant and why?

I am a good cook, and in that way, I can keep my family's diet healthy and balanced when we eat at home. But I also enjoy a variety of foods in different restaurants. I do prefer Chinese dishes, especially those cooked with fresh ingredients. If I have to pick up one favorite restaurant in Portland, I would have to say Wong King's.

Dr. Xue has an office with his wife, Dr. Zhenbi Li, LAc, in Camas, Washington. You can check out their website at Healing Sage