Susan Van Wie

1) What brought you to Portland?

Spirit brought me to Portland when I was 21 in 1976,  I was having a lot of spiritual experiences and no one around me, in Florida, could tell me what I was experiencing. So when my sister and her husband decided to move to Oregon I went with them, just for the adventure of going somewhere so unknown to me.  I didn't know Spirit was guiding me to the answer of what I was going through.  My first employer out here taught me how to meditate and taught me all about the eastern philosophy of life, it was what I was looking for and I didn't even know it.  From there my spiritual beliefs grew. Life happened and I became a computer technician but my spirit was always hungry for something more.

2) Why did you decide to become an Reiki healer?

Actually I didn't decide to become a Reiki master,  it choose me.  I went to a New Year's Eve Reiki circle a few years ago, even though I had never heard of Reiki, didn't even know how to pronounce it, but after my turn to receive Reiki from the group - I was hooked!  I attended circles for a few months before deciding to do a level 1 attunement.  Then after a few more months I wanted to increase my Reiki energy so was attuned to level 2.  I thought I would wait a year or more to do the Master level but soon I found Spirit was telling me I was ready. I still did not intend to have my own practice, that happened a few months later. And from there everything has fallen into place.

3) Tell us about your practice.

It seemed so often when I would be giving Reiki to someone, either at a circle or as a volunteer, I would get lots of comments on how wonderful they felt after wards.  So when I was looking for a new way to make a living - Spirit told me to start my own practice.   I have a 2 story home and was only using the upstairs so I turned the downstairs into my "Reiki Room".  I decorated it to make the client as comfortable as possible, using waterfalls and plants, crystals and music I created what I think of as an "Oasis" in SE Portland.  I try to make people comfortable when they come to me for Reiki and continue to add new techniques whenever I experience something that I enjoy.  I really try to make my practice all about the client.

4) Where does your passion for healing people come from?

My passion comes from a lifetime of helping others.  Some of us in this world are helpers and I am happiest when I am in service to others.  I do volunteer work at an Oncology clinic in Beaverton through Northwest Reiki Association, and it is the most gratifying thing I have ever done.  Knowing I am giving other people a little peace in a difficult situation is truly enough payment for me.

5) Any advice for clients?

My advice to not only clients but to everyone is; follow your heart, Spirit will guide you to those that can help you heal. I believe we are here to help each other and everyone is different - we will all feel comfortable with some healers and not others, that's OK, when a healer is right for you, you will know it. Light, Love and Reiki to all, Susan Michelle Van Wie

You can find Susan online at:

or you can call for more information about reiki and her quarterly reiki circles at: (503) 760-0364