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Graham Walker, a medical student at Stanford, has a fantastic blog that must be checked out! To be honest, the the fact that the name of the blog is in exclamations peaked my curiosity when my friend sent me the link. Graham has a interesting view of the Western medical world, and is an advocate for change in the medical system. Hooray!

His interview with Dr. Nicholas Genes is on the Medscape site, where they discuss the latest Michael Moore movie Sicko, the popularity of Graham's blog, and what he's done with it these past years. Very inspiring for beginning bloggers.

Digging further into his site, I stumbled on an article he wrote pertaining to his own personal experience with acupuncture. I liked his honesty, skepticism, and surprise at the end results. To me, it confirms that even when we don't understand something in the Western medical world, there may come a time when we have to have faith in the healing process and the ability of our body to heal itself.

p.s. I'm pretty sure 'acupuncture' can't be used as a verb.....

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