Gan Mao

Last week I wrote a post about Yin Qiao San, the amazing cold formula that I love. This week, it;s only fair to now discuss a formula I consider on par- Gan Mao Ling ("Miraculous Cold Pills"). I've personally had the best luck with this combination and give them to my friends and family whenever they are taking a plane trip or feeling under the weather (one of my family members can't remember the name of either formula, but knows that the "black pills (Gan Mao Ling) and the white pills (Yin Qiao San with coating)" always work!).

The only brand I have experience with is the Plum Flower brand, with also comes in the same convenient travel packets (24 doses for $12.99). It hasn't let me down yet! Wing Mings carries a lot of different brands, and it's a well-known tablet in TCM patent formulas.

You can take these in conjunction with Yin Qiao San, but if you already have a cold with the symptoms of congestion, headache, fatigue, etc., then this is the one for you. It really helps to clear up basic cold symptoms. However, if your symptoms get worse, you may need something stronger or a more specifically tailored formula. And, as always, check in with your practitioner if you have any questions or concerns about taking herbal formulas, and for dosage recommendations.

Stay healthy!