While browsing through the millions of pages on Facebook, I discovered a wonderful veterinary acupuncture site that many of my peers already knew about- Four Paws Acupuncture in Massachusetts. Jeanie Mossa Kraft, the owner of the site, has fantastic posts on the blog- I love the latest one about stray dogs riding the subway in Russia! She also has a recipe for healthy doggie meatballs, as well as a protective winter wax for dog paws (in case we actually see snow here in Portland again!). Her site is also full of information for feeding dogs appropriate foods (no onions!), acupuncture and other alternative care ideas.

Frontier Veterinary Hospital in Hillsboro offers acupuncture to the patients, and the Veterinary Acupuncturist is Dr. Lisa Yung. Read this great post on the My Life With Dogs Blog - it's a story about a dog named Bruiser who received acupuncture when it was discovered there was a problem with the a disc in his spinal cord. Be sure to read the story, and check out the  list of resources listed:

Becca Seitz, LAc treats pets at her clinic, Thrive Acupuncture, in Northeast Portland

Dr. Brenda Brown at Cedar Hills Vet Clinic now offers acupuncture as well

Dr. Prouty practices in Clackamas, Oregon at NW Vet Specialist

Massage/Integrated Touch:

Animal massage: Heal NW with Ruby Sullivan (I attended one of her seminars at Rose City Veterinary Hospital last year- she was amazing!)

Lauren McCall, The Integrated Animal- Uses TTouch technique to promote healing- read more about it on their informative site.

Other resources:

Dove Lewis – Portland's main emergency veterinary hospital

Animal chiropractors – Dr. Chattigre’ at Cascade Summit Veterinary Hospital in West Linn, Oregon

Portland Veterinary Medical Association: A great resource for pets of all sizes

Pet ramps – include some Web sites: Orvis.com or KVVet.com

If you are interested in learning more about veterinarians in the US and Canada, check out the site for the American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture.