Study of AcupunctureStudy of Acupuncture by raindog61

Finding spare time is something that has been so precious to me these past three years of school, and now it seems that there is so much of it! Which is great, as I've been able to search around for new "happenings" and blog posts that caught my eye. There are so many great things happening out in the world of TCM bloggers!

Kim Knight, LAc, who was the first practitioner interviewed on Portland Acupuncture Blog, has a blog on her beautiful site, Tensegrity Health. She has some great information about different TCM applications, as well as a delicious recipe :)

Eric Grey at Deepest Health put out a great podcast interview with Heiner Fruehauf that I really enjoyed. I haven't met Heiner yet, but have heard so many amazing things about him from both Deepest Health and Yael at Chinese Medicine Notes. His company, Classic Pearls, is well known to a lot of practitioners in Portland and around the world, and several of my supervisors at OCOM have taken his herbal medicine classes.

Andrea Asti started a blog at the New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and there are some great articles, including one on acupuncture helping with pain relief after neck surgery.