Pre Op by daveleb
Photo by daveleb

Before going into any surgical procedure, no matter if it's a wisdom tooth being pulled or an appendectomy,  a lot of people experience some level of anxiety or even pain. It's natural to feel that way, and acupucnture can be very helpful with helping to calm the emotions, reduce pain, and help with possible insomnia. Going under anesthetic can be very difficult on your body, even if it's a local procedure.

The neurological effects of acupuncture in helping to soothe "nerves" can be very useful to patients. If pain in a certain area is the reason for the surgery, there are many different methods practitioners can use where they don't have to touch the painful area. Be sure to tell your acupuncturist the when you are having the surgery, and they will be sure to make the treatment  you.

Traditional Chinese acupuncture and Acubalance (a style of acupuncture used by a local practitioner, Cole Magbanua, LAc), are both very effective methods of helping to manage pain. Japanese acupuncture is another method that is very gentle and would be good for pre-operative and post-operative pain, depending on the procedure.

Herbal formulas are another option to help with anxiety, insomnia, and even pain, but keep in mind that it's very important to check with your doctor or surgeon about medications and herbs before heading into an operation. A lot of doctors are willing to give referrals for acupuncturists to patients if they ask about it. Especially in the Portland area :)