Pollen from Scots Pine: by goforchris

Allergy season has been here in Portland for well over a month now, and I have been seeing a lot of people with seasonal allergy symptoms. There is no doubt we are in the great Northwest when everyone is sneezing and rubbing their eyes in unison (click here for the current pollen count)!

If you are currently suffering, acupuncture and herbs will effectively treat the symptoms, because they are aren't going to improve on their own.  Benadryl and other allergy medications are helpful, but these only mask the symptoms for a few hours.

You will most likely need treatment once a week for the first few months, and once the symptoms are under control, treatments can be stretched to once every other week or every three weeks.

Herbal medicine also works well in conjunction with the acupuncture.- check out my previous allergy post for links and information