[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxKCpBXofiM[/youtube] Last week, I attended a talk at Rose City Veterinary Clinic where Rubi Sullivan, CSAMP owner of Heal animal massage therapy discussed the benefits of massage for animals. Rubi is certified by the Northwest School of Animal massage in Washington, and works in the Portland area. She

She explained that massage can help animals heal faster after surgery or anesthesia, as the techniques she uses help with lymphatic draining. It also calms the dog and helps to 'initiate' a faster recovery time. Massage for animals affects them in a similar way it affects humans: it helps to reduce inflammation, strengthen the immune system, and increases range of motion in arthritic joints.

Rubi  treats the animals in the comfort of their home, and while she usually treats dogs and cats, she has treated rodents as well.  The techniques used for each animal are similar in effect, but the style will vary depending on the size of the animal and their personality. Rubi contacts the veterinarian of each animal she works with be sure the dog is able to receive treatment.

You can find Rubi here:

Heal Animal Massage Therapy

www.healnw.com 503.380.4487 rubi@healnw.com

p.s.  If your dog enjoys massage, consider a yoga class.....