basal body temperature by by mitoztip

The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) states that there are 6.1 million women who may have an impaired ability to bear children. However, we are fortunate enough to have Traditional Chinese medicine to ease the stress and help restore balance within the body to help with conception.

The use of acupuncture for infertility is recommended for the relaxing and calming effects on the mind, but it also increases the flow of energy and blood to the woman's uterus. This has been known to enhance conception when using in vitro fertilization (IVF) (see previous post on IVF treatments). Acupuncture is also extremely beneficial for women who aren't using IVF.

Taking the basal body temperature is another helpful method that can help women become more attuned to their bodies and understand what is going on. The temperature is taken first thing in the morning and recorded daily. Check here for an online resource. Experienced acupuncturists may be able find diagnose a woman's by using her basal body temperature charts and taking her pulse. Certain temperature differences in the chart can help to prescribe a more specific herbal formula or chose different points each month.

A book that was recommended to me is The Infertility Cure. It's a great resource to educate yourself about the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine and how it can help enhance fertility.