Julianne at 30 weeks

In researching good online site for posting, I wanted to share a few educational blogs that focus on fertility. The blog from the Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness in New York City. Dr. Berkley just wrote a great post on the difference between Western treatment and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment of infertility. He talks about how the Western methods (drugs, surgeries, in-vitro fertilization, and intra-uterine fertilization) are necessary to promote a more fertile environment for some cases, but also includes how TCM can often regulate the system that may be the cause of infertility naturally.

Natural Fertility Info is another great site that discusses acupuncture and other forms of natural ways to to conceive. They have links to videos on using castor oil packs, dietary and herbal recommendations, and other great information (they even have a fertility smoothie recipe!). I also  They have a lot of good tips on promoting male fertility.

The Fertility Acupuncturist has a more TCM-based approach to fertility, and has several posts about omega 3 fatty acids and fertility, as well as information about charting fertility and using the basal body temperature to track cycles.