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I wanted to share a few sites with my favorite local and international bloggers with you this week, as there are lot of great people doing great work out there, including practitioners and students.

Yael is an LAc who writes has some great posts, including an interview with Dr. Leon Hammer, who made and interesting statement about Chinese Medicine in their interview.

  • "Chinese Medicine cannot survive as a complement to Western medicine. Chinese Medicine has to be an alternative to Western Medicine. They can collaborate but not merge." -Dr. Leon Hammer

Yael also wrote a post with a list of TCM blogs to visit and note. Chinese Medicine Notes a great site with a lot of good information.

Another blogger is Eric Gray from Eric is a student here in Portland at NCNM, and the Deepest Health blog has a lot of information on balancing your life in different ways, including the community project, "Year of Sagely Living." One of my favorite posts from Eric is "7 simple ways to be a great student AND not kill yourself during finals week."

  • # 1 " Realize you can’t do it all. It’s hard, I know. This is probably the one thing I have done this term that has saved me despite some setbacks outside of my control. I want to be the best student in the universe. I want to do this while being a great father, partner, small business owner AND save the world while I’m at it."

I think this can apply to all of our lives at some point! It's just nice to see it in a blog.

Both of these fellow bloggers have a lot of important information for students, practitioners, and people who are genuinely interested learning more about Chinese Medicine. I recommend you check out their blogs as regularly as I do.