I've had a few posts about research in the past (almost) year, and have rounded up a few great blogs that discuss research in the CAM (Complemetary and Alternative Medicine) field. -The Integrator blog is managed by John Weeks, and is one of the most well-respected blogs for CAM research and integrative medicine. The Integrator Blog informs about "news, reports, opinion and networking for the business, education, policy and practice of integrative medicine CAM, and integrative health care." If you are interested in research happenings, or simply about integrative medicine, I recommend checking this site daily.

- The Helfgott Blog is managed by the Helfgott Istitute, which is based here in Portland at NCNM, is "aimed at increasing awareness about integrative medicine on a world-wide scale." There is a lot going on in the integrative medicine communities in Portland, and the Helfgott blog is most likely to be up to date on what's happening next.

- A local LAc and OCOM graduate is Sarah Hayes, who manages acupuncturenwpdx.com and her own practice in North Portland. She has some great posts regarding research, not to mention a detailed FAQ section.