Ryan Milley, LAc, MAcOM of Mountain Sports Acupuncture and Encompass Chiropractic Health

1. What brought you to Portland? The Oregon College of Oriental Medicine; it’s Traditional Chinese Medicine program AND the research department. Plus I love the all the activities Portland has to offer (surfing to mountain climbing and everything in between).

2. Why did you decide to become an LAc? Drawn to healing arts, I was considering a doctorate of chiropractic medicine or physical therapy, but was swayed to becoming an acupuncturist after receiving treatment for poison ivy.  I was blown away by the results that were achieved. Couple that with my experience and training in Okinawan martial arts, I had experience with "ki (Qi)," and it was familiar with me. At first, I was nervous about making a living in this medicine, but I followed my heart (and father’s advice) and took the plunge. 3. Tell me about your practice. We offer treatment for all health care needs, specializing in sports medicine. I am at two locations in Lake Oswego: Mountain Sports Acupuncture (a stand alone clinic in a gym), where there are also other providers including physical therapy, pilates, and massage therapy. I am also at Encompass Chiropractic Health, which is a multidisciplinary clinic that includes an acupuncture, a physician, massage therapy, and chiropractic health. It's a lot of fun, energy and an over all positive experiences!

4. Where does your passion for the medicine come from? The heart, in the western and Traditional Chinese Medicine sense. Evidence is read, felt and experienced…

5. Any advice for patients? "Hara hachi bu" (eat to 80% full), stretch regularly, walk in nature, and use preventative medicine (e.g. TCM) at least on a quarterly basis.

6. What is your favorite Portland restaurant and why? I’ll go with Ya Hala; I eat there at least twice per month (sometimes weekly) and it’s always good…vegan or carnivore you choose.

You can contact Ryan at:

Encompass Chiropractic Health 4309 Oakridge Road Lake Oswego, OR 97035 (503) 635-4656


Mountain Sports Acupuncture
333 South State Street, Suite W
Lake Oswego, OR 97034