shiatsu meridian chart shiatsu meridian chart by echoman

Besides needles and moxibustion, Japanese therapy also includes a wonderful form of massage called Shiatsu. This form is different from the Swedish massage most of us are accustomed to, but it definitely heals on a different level.

When you arrive for a treatment, you will be asked to wear loose, comfortable clothing and clean socks. You will keep your clothes on, and often the treatment will take place on a floor mat, such as a futon (most can accommodate with a table if you need it). The treatment involves a series of stretches and energetic movement of the channels (see the chart above). The channels are similar to those in Chinese medicine, but there are several differences. It's a truly amazing form of a massae

For some great shiatsu practitioners, I recommend (from personal experience) Jennie King, LMT, Elizabeth Hazzard, LMT, Shelley Wagar LMT, Susan Hare, LMT and Xavier Preciado, LMT. They were all instructors here at OCOM at one time (some still are!), and are all amazing people who offer slightly different styles of Shiatsu. Check them out!

meridian chart
meridian chart by life_of_lisa